Egyptian Art is African Art.

A Call for Museums to Address Problematic Narratives

“Entering the Great Hall, the visitor stands at the intersection of the museum’s principal axes. To the left is the collection of Greek and Roman Art; to the right, the Egyptian Collection …The Metropolitan’s iconographic programme establishes at the outset the overriding importance of the Western tradition, starting with Egypt…”

There’s no better time than now, when museum doors are closed due to COVID-19, to take action to innovate and re-think and re-construct narratives. With the gift of time and with more accessible and interactive communications platforms than ever before, the sky is the limit when it comes to collaboration and the capability to engage meaningfully with audiences and constituents about the narratives and works they would like to see represented. Let’s not waste this opportunity.

“The museum is more than a location. It is a script that makes certain acts possible and others unthinkable.” — Philip Fisher

Expert in museum studies and nonprofit communications. Millennial mom passionate about fostering a culture of kindness. Lover of live music and Texas wine.

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