Revisiting my most memorable, most intense, and most surreally-sized live music experiences.

Music preserves us

The next installment in my nostalgic live music memoir series…

Reflections: Music Can Cure a Lonely Heart

A Call for Museums to Address Problematic Narratives

The Met taught me the value of curiosity.

It is undeniable that The Metropolitan Museum of Art has influenced my life in many ways. First, as an 18-year-old artist on her first solo trip. Next, as a recent college graduate who moved away from Texas for the first time in order to take an internship at the Museum. And, from then, helping to shape my career as a museum and communications professional. But, more than all of this, The Met helped me to identify curiosity as one of my core values.

For nearly two years as a Met Museum intern and NYU Museum Studies student, I visited The Met daily. I aimed to explore every nook and cranny of the museum, and I had the luxury of time at that point…

Stacey Kaleh - Curious Optimist

Expert in museum studies and nonprofit communications. Millennial mom passionate about fostering a culture of kindness. Lover of live music and Texas wine.

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